Compile Blender under Vista Ultimate 64

I have visual studio professional 2008.
Do I need to install the vista sdk?
The process through cmake looks fine but trying to compile I get a zlib.h error.
What do I need to do?

vista sdk is not needed.

zlib.h error indicates missing dependencies. Hopefully you have checked out also the lib/windows module. If you intend to have a go at building 64bit blender, get the lib/win64 module. You’ll have to check the cmake sources to make sure paths are pointing to the right place. Using scons may help too (I always build with the msvc compiler and scons, even the official releases).


Thank you Jesterking.
First I tried to compile with scons and msvc but I got some errors and decided to try with cmake.
When installing scons I got some key erros like something telling me that wasn’t possible to register some keys but I’m not home right now and can’t explain what exact happened.
I tried to compile for 32 and 64 with cmake but failed for both.
I’ll try again because I like to have the latest build compiled by myself.
One more thing, I have ubuntu 64 and the compilation is OK, but when I try to open some blend files it doesn’t open.
The same files can be opened under win with the latest compilations.
Any tip?