Compiling .exe files on UNIX

Hi all,
I’ve been locked out of my computing lab (well, it is a sunday after all!) and need to get some work done fairly briskly. I can access the lab’s computers via remote access (puTTY, etc), but given they are UNIX and don’t seem to be running a VNC server, I can’t see any GUIs. Unfortunately, I am working on GUIs!
So overall, my question is… is there any way of compiling programs on UNIX such that they compile as Windows-runnable .exe files, or is this a set limitation of the OS?
I’m compiling using GHC (Glasgow Haskell Compiler), if that helps.
Thanks for any help you can give!

Eh…first, what would it help if you had a .exe on a remote unix computer?
To create binaries for other platforms, you need a cross-compiler. Unlikely that the computer lab has windows cross-compilers installed, if GHC has support for that anyway.
It’d be way easier to remote copy the sources and compile locally…assumed everything needed for that is freely available for Win32.

I guess what you really need, is remote X (assumed that the unix server use some x-window system) to forward the GUI over SSH…try X-Win32 or similar.
Or even better, simply use Linux…i use tools graphical tools on uni-servers (some linux, some solaris) quite regularly over the internet, although you need a bit of patience…

Thanks Lynx, maybe I should have made that a bit clearer. I’m running a Windows machine here, so I can download the source files and compile… if only I had the right libraries too! I’ll give your ideas a go! :slight_smile:

If you need graphical access to remote linux, you can use cygwin Wikipedia has a nice article how to set it up

But I would probably just download some Linux Live CD, boot it up and type ssh computer.lab -X. It’s much easier. :smiley:

XLiveCD runs from within Windows to provide you with the basic Cygwin components needed for running your own X server without having to have the full Cygwin installed.

Simply run the CD, then you SSH to whatever system you want. Export the display to your system and you’re off and running. I use it all the time for having X access on systems where I don’t have Cygwin installed (or can’t install Cygwin).