Complete Macaque Character Design



Hi blender artists,

I’m from a neuroscience lab at Western University (in London Ontario, Canada) currently investigating social cognition of gaze in non-human primates. For this purpose we are using avatars of rhesus macaques (species name: Macaca Mulatta) in our experiments to look at various behaviour.

Currently we are purchasing 3d avatar characters online from 3d online store but are very interested in working with a talented artist. The artist would be given the task of making realistic rhesus macaque characters in addition to completing textures, rigging and etc that we would use in our experiments through importing it into the software Blender. Therefore it would be a complete character design + some animating.

This is a paid contract and the amount can be discussed. We will also like to discuss the intellectual property rights for the finished products as we would like to have an open source approach to hopefully encourage other labs use this product as well. None of the use will be in a commercial setting.

Below i’ve attached an example of a model that we would be interested to use in terms of textural detail and realistic quality.

If anyone is interested in this work please contact me and post or send a link to your portfolio as soon as possible as we would like to get this project going as soon as we can.

We are located in London Ontario Canada but would also be interested in working with individuals remotely.

Please let me know if any other information is required.

I can be reached anytime at this email address and looking forward to hearing from you all!

Thanks a lot,



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Hi Borna,

My name is Jamie Dunbar and I run a 3D animation studio in Melbourne, Australia called ‘Dragonboots Studios’.

My apologies for the late application, I’ve been on holidays the past few weeks and only just saw your job advertisement on Blender Artists for the rhesus macaques animations.
I realise you’ve probably filled this role by now, but I thought I’d contact you and introduce myself, just in case it hadn’t, or if you have need of skilled designers in the future.

I’ve been running my studio for the past 10 years, mostly working with the Texas Children’s Hospital. We created a suite of 40 animations for them, aimed at teaching young kids about heart diseases and the procedures the hospital will use to treat them. It’s all based around cute, friendly characters explaining the processes in kid friendly terms. You can see the suite of animations here:

Educational Animation Videos | Texas Children’s Hospital

These animations were all created in Maya, however we’ve spent the last two years moving the studio over to Blender, and our next project with the Texas Children’s will be completed in Blender.

We’ve also done a few fun kids animations in Blender, which you can see on our YouTube channel:

My studio specialises in creating educational animations, and I feel your rhesus monkeys might be right up our alley. You can see a breakdown of our workflow, along with other examples of our work at our website:

If you’d be interested in working with us, please get in touch and we can discuss exactly what your requirements are and I have give you an idea of budget and timelines. You can contact me here, or at:
[email protected]

Kind regards,

Jamie Dunbar.

P.S. We offer a discount for educational or science based project and it sounds like yours would qualify.