Complete Noob pulling his hair out

So I’m teaching myself blender through the Blender 3D: Noob to Pro Wikibook and everything is going pretty well until I got to this sentence in the 3D views module: “Suzanne will be created facing in the global +Z direction. But if you select Align to View in the Operator panel (below the Tool Shelf) then Suzanne and any other object will face directly into the viewport.” I can’t find anything that says Align to View and google has turned up nothing in the way of a solution. I figured out how to make a NEW object align to current view but how do I make a currently existing object Align to View? I know what the Tool Shelf is but have no idea what he means by Operator Panel. The closet thing I can find is the Align View menu but that moves the camera not the object. Thanks in advance to anyone who can put my blender lessons back on track.

The sentence is referring to adding new objects only and the option in the toolshelf which you have already seen. The operator panel is the panel at the bottom of the toolshelf when you add an object.

There is no single button solution to align an object already in your scene with the current camera view

Okay I thought that might be the case but I just wanted to make sure before moving on. You Sir are a gentleman and a scholar!