Complete noob w/ lighting ?

Hi all. I really have no experience w/ modeling but enjoy creating things so decided to give Blender a try. I find it very difficult, but very enjoyable at the same time. I have read up and down these forums and am at a loss 99% of the time. Anyways my ? is the lighting to my model which is very WIP is not right. It is not showing the right colors. It seems to be showing more of a reflection. The border is black and the middle should be red.
Any thoughts.
Thank You.

Could you post the .blend file?
I think this is what you mean lol. Also if some1 has time on their hands and if they want to take a look to see if I’m off on the right foot your time would be much appreciated.
Thank you.

Firstly, you have far too many verts in your model for it to do almost anything efficiently. I would make it a lower-poly mesh with a level 2 subsurf (and set smooth) to make it look smooth.
Your material problems are occurring because the red and black materials are using color ramps. To see what these do, look at the material preview for the red and black materials. With the ramps enabled (as defined by you), the areas of the mesh (which have that material) and are bright turn that teal-blue color. A simple fix is selecting the red and black materials and turning the “colorband” option off (its in the “ramps” panel).

Very nice of you. I thank you so much.