Complete Noob.

So heres the problem. What i seem to do is modify the default cube into making a house with multiple rooms and levels. Subdivide and extrude the regions to make walls, right? Well, i end up with this awesome looking house then i proceed to export as a .fbx file.

Im using blender for Unity3D and i import it into Unity and the walls on the modified cube are all see through. Now, the reason why im asking you guys for help and not the unity forums is because i’ve gotten this to work before. Through many rigorous button smashings and such. But that model wasnt the model i wanted. Whenever i tried to redo it, the walls keep disappearing? I checked to see if the face was flipped and its perfectly normal.

Is there something im doing wrong? I would love to know! Thanks in advance.

What you could do is post in the right forum for instance… like somewhere in the “support” sub-section. You won’t get much help here.

firstly - you stole my name… :wink:

secondly - This isn’t really the right forum

Thirdly - I have no real experience, but maybe it is to do with normals, or even checking double sided faces somewhere?

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Hi SquidNig

I don’t know if you knew this or not, but you don’t need to export to .fbx to import into Unity. Unity supports .blend files just fine. =)

As for the problem with see-through walls, have you checked to make sure your textures are in the right folder so Unity can see them? I’ve got very limited experience with Unity, though, so I could be wrong. You already mentioned that you checked to see which way the normals are pointing, but you might want to select your house model in Blender, enter edit mode (TAB) select all faces and hit CTRL-N to make all the normals point outward, which may help you!

Hopefully that helps, I don’t know if it will or not, though.