Complete Star Wars Tie Fighter Creation Tutorials

Hey Guys!

Just finished a 2-part Star Wars Tie Fighter Creation tutorial series! I cover the complete process of Hard Surface Modeling, to Materials, Lighting, and Rendering! Check them out below!


Made one :slight_smile:
Also showed on your Facebook.

Currently working on your Fall Road :slight_smile:
Wich my VideoCards do not like (2x 2GB waaaay to many verts :smiley: )

Very Nice! This is on my list of tutorials to complete for sure, although i think this is more of an advanced one by the looks of it.

It’s not too hard, I’ve had a few beginner Blender artists complete this with great results! I’d recommend just a basic understanding of blender before starting. :slight_smile:

Well i’ve got a lot of the hot keys memorised now and can work my way around the modelling side of things pretty well so i’ll give this one a shot then :slight_smile:

HI Steve , i have already do the great saber tutorial. I will be do this ! :smiley: