[COMPLETED]: Desertification of white lands (Make a Splash in Amsterdam)

Hello ! today I started experimenting with some ground formations and landscapes started from the source file of the 3.2 Splash file, tried some ANT landscape addon’s meshes than tried the landscapes that already exist in the source file with different textures, exploring some possibilites for the canyon’s appearances, trying some textures from Quixel Bridge :


Still exploring some realistic pictures of Canyon-desert landscapes, here are some the pictures that I am trying to get inspired from !

Progress so far; still thinking of making some old boats and adding some desert grass and stuff …
Any suggestions are welcome :slight_smile:

Adding some desert plants donwloaded from Quixel Bridge, 3 different variations in a collection and added a particle system to the ground plane

Next ! exploring some pictures of boats in the desert to complet the rest of my artwork, want to show the situation of lost and distructed boats after climate change and desertification …

Started Creating some assets, here is an old rusty anchor that I have modeled and got the rusty metal texture from Quixel Bridge

got this old boat model from sketchfab Boat with oars - Download Free 3D model by Kitaec312 (@Kitaec312) [3363d47] (sketchfab.com)
modified some of its part; and created two variations :

Progress and some shots from the scene so far; feedback and suggestions are welcome :slight_smile:

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Still exploring some resources of possible inspiraton, found this article blog about Wadi Rum in Jordan; seems like a good spot to get inspired from
Wadi Rum Tours: how to avoid the mistakes we made — Walk My World

Tried to upload my scene to sketchfab, but apparently It has to be less than 100 MB, I guess I have to optimize it :confused: I have to get rid of some assets

Unfortunately I did not notice that It should be less than 100 MB :frowning:

I ll see what can I do anyway

Hey! As we’re entering the final days of the challenge, I’d like to give you some helpful tips to make sure you can successfully complete your entry. Please see my new post on the FAQ topic.

After Uploading the scene to Sketchfab, and discovering that the file was exceeding the allowed size; decided to optimize the scene; got rid of most of the stuff and textures in the scene (Unfortunately); this is the look of the scene so far after optimizing :roll_eyes:

Uploaded the scene to sketchfab and surprise ! did not see that coming, I was expecting it to be a bit similar at least; I really took so much time in building the scene in Blender but now I discovered that there is another whole process in sketchfab with its engine, with different lighting and other stuff.
That’s a bit Frustrating; never used the sketchfab loader before; I have no experience with it unfortunately; I ll try to figure it out anyway in the few upcoming days of the challenge

You can do it! Get it on Sketchfab by Thursday, September 15, and tag it #bcon22challenge.

I love this theme, it’s really looking gorgeous, and good luck translating it over to Sketchfab. Have you ever rendered in Cycles to a panoramic camera? If your landscapes are too high poly for sketchfab, you could render it out as a .PIZ EXR and use that as your environmental lighting and then you’ll still have those awesome cliffs

Yeah I used panoramic camera before I guess, Thanx for the environmental lighting trick btw did not know it !, I ll try again fixing the scene on Sketchfab
Thanx again

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Finally I have figured out the reason why some of the textures were not appearing correctly :
for the leaves for some reason the vertex color was on in sketchfab uploader, that’s why it did not show correclty, I had to turn it off;
I found the solution in this forum : Mesh gets partly green and also half invisible when importing? - Support - Sketchfab Forum

For the boat it was appearing white, because the emission in the material tab in the sketchfab uploader was on, I found the solution by accident x) :

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I am with the final touches in the Sketchfab loader; trying to get familiar with and to get the scene as close as possible to the blender scene, I liked the post-processing features, they help improving the overall look of the scene.

However, I was limited by the free sketchfab version that lacks some crucial features like controling the and limiting the zoom, uploading custom HDRIs, and other features that can improve the scene more, but I guess it’s fine in general.

Although I am not 100% satisfied about the final result but I think it’s fine taking into consideration not being familiar with the sketchfab loader; and focusing a lot on the enhancing the scene in blender and forgoting about Sketchfab size where I had to optimize a lot in the scene, and I had to let go of many things that I had in mind in the beginning (I was about to give up at some point :rofl: ).

But overall it was a great experience.

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Completed ! Check the annotations to see the two views !

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Good luck!

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