Complex Shape Help

Hey all,

Doing work for a client and he is requesting that I make a shape. The final shape ought to look like this from the side:

But from the front, the pillar has to pinch to a point at certain areas, but not all of them, creating a very complex shape which I’m having a difficult time wrapping my head around:

Now, I got the shape done in curves, as modelling it via geometry became a huge problem. However–big problem, here: I have to export to .obj for him. Export only supports mesh geometry, and so, it converts the curve data to mesh data, and this happens:

The problem lies in the fact there are no edge loops between the outer line of vertices and the inner line, so the edges connecting the outer line create lines which are visible as they connect to the various parts of the inner line’s crazy curves.

My question is: how do I go about doing this shape in geometry, and preferably keeping them in quads? This is beyond my modelling skills at this point and I could use some direction and hints.

Thanks in advance,

And a better picture of a close-up of the problem, because BA only supports 3 attached images per post:

personally, I would use what you have as a base, and go over it using retopo / surface snapping, to make a new mesh on top of it, with a more net-like quad topology:
(edit) once you have the face loops around the edges, you can probably use grid fill tool on it.

Hey Modron! Thank you for your very timely response. I’ve very little experience with retopo and grid-fill, so this’ll be a great opportunity to stretch my legs by trying out those features, I guess!

Thanks again for your great response.


be sure to look into the new wire mesh display mode, and there are a couple of other important settings, which I cannot recall at the moment, because I have not used retopo recently…if you don’t set it up right, there are visibility issues. I will refresh my memory and respond back though…

Probably turn on X-Ray in the Object Settings window, and that’ll solve any visibility issues?

And, by the way…this grid fill has existed since 2.68??? SERIOUSLY!? I haven’t used it ONCE yet…

Ugh…so frustrating to know I’ve wasted sooooooo much time.


heheh. I always go through the release notes every so often, to make sure I am up on the current toolset. and yes, x-ray is one, the other is toggle the ‘occlude background geometry’ in the main 3D header.

Thanks, Modron. It’s working great so far.

This is awesome. I’ve really been lax in keeping up to date with Blender’s great new features. Sheesh!


You’re welcome. Glad I could help out.

Hi JD - big fan of your spaceship thread BTW. How is this project coming? If you have made a lot of investment in the retopo mehod I wouldn’t want you to change horses in mid.

Here’s an idea.