Complicated knurling around a known shape..

Hey guys,

I have a pistol grip, kind of like in the attached pic, over which I’d like to do some normal-mapped knurling (for those that don’t know, the texture over the wood grip also in the attached pic). I have the lower-poly grip ready to go, I just don’t know how to go about creating the high-poly knurled grip in the most efficient way. I assume I’d be using a couple of array modifiers, one for each dimension, but how can I have they curve in a predictable way around the handle (read, how would I do this without using Empties in the Arrays’ field for choosing an object to modify, since they’re not very precise)? And it’d be a compound curve too, so I’m having difficulty thinking of a reliable workflow. To clarify, I’d like the knurling to go all the way around the handle, not just in its profile like the example.



saerch teh forum on knurling there are one very good thread on this

but i have to say thta with the new tools in sinple modifier it’s prabably a lot easier to do

try the tiwit tool in simple modifier and it should work too!
hope it helps