¨composer offering original work

hey is on blender chat and is offering original sounds for animations and stuff
http://www.reverbnation.com/#/composer4fun that is my work is not a top dog but still
my nick on line on irc is composer4fun

I’m sure that we’d like to see, on your site, what kind of music you offer and under what kind of licensing terms.

(Umm… I live in Nashville, Tennessee. Kinda comes with the territory to want to know such things.) :yes:

If we wanted to engage you to write music for a project … how would we go about doing so? Where can we hear examples, and learn more?


well is on the blederchat irc and every thing i make for pll in the blender community is open source only thing i ask is my name get mentioned

hey my reverberation is updated whit some of my new tries

I’m working on a game currently that could really use some music. Do you have any booming fantasy orchestral music?