Compositing Contest, Final Version

(theeth) #1

It’s a 380ish KB mpg. I added some random camera noise, and I changed the ending a bit yet again.

What do you think? Is that a winner or a not?


(dreamsgate) #2

Way cool, I like the shadows under the robot!

(blengine) #3

whew… dialup is murder ( 0.6kb/sec)… but i sweated it out =)
cool! at the end he crashes his head into the ground? =) haha i love it…
this looks really good, great reaction to the bball and animation is super smooth…

(dmoc) #4

very slick!

(BgDM) #5

Nice job theeth! Very slick. The fall at the end is great.


(kirpre) #6

I like this one a lot. Espeically the movement of the head as the ball goes by (very smooth and accurate). Nice work.

(DreamMaster) #7

What’s up with you? :slight_smile: Long time no see :slight_smile: Anyways, I can’t say if your comp. animation will be a winner because I’m entering mine too! I’m against you and I’m replying this post… argh! J/K. :slight_smile: I do, of course, wish you the best luck (including myself too lol). 8)