Compositing Contest: [RESULTS]

(Goofster) #1

here are the results of the US Jury:

Congratulations to the winners!


(Gimble) #2

Congratulations @ndy, Cluh, and theeth. Very good work.

Also, congratulations to the rest of the non-winners :wink:

Finally, a special thanks to WeirdHat for setting everything up and all the effort. I enjoyed the chance to refresh my compositing skills, and view the ideas that other members of the Blender community thought up.

(ScottishPig) #3

Cluh was robbed.

Just kidding-- good job everyone… lots of good work.

(Nayman) #4

cluh. how about a tutorial!

geezus, i need one

(theeth) #5

/me points to the French juge. Oh wait, that was figure skating :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that everyone who participate is a winner, because all the entries are good, and because, I think, everyone won something (knowledge).

Big cheers to Weirdhat!

PS: Cluh, I just loved your entry!

(BMD) #6

cluh, halarious! i love it! tutorial on how to make bomberman?
congrats to everyone else also
i’m a little byast because i am a bomberman fan.