compositing faces

Does blender let you composite faces? If so, how?

could you be more specific as to what you are trying to do? do you mean put an image of a face onto a mesh?

If you have photos that you want to put together before you animate the final product, how would you do it?

You mean have photos fly around in the scene? Or a slideshow of photos? Or attach a photo of a guy’s face to a mesh and have him dance around? (all can be done)

We need more details inorder to answer your question.

I mean put photos of faces together first like an average of the two.

This thread is going nowhere. “Photos” are pictures on paper. If you put those digital pics on your hard drive and look at them with a computer program then they are Images. If you then map them to modelled geometry in Blender they are Textures.

Blender cannot use photos or images unless you map them to 3D geometry (Mesh or Surface or Meta Objects or Text) or you add them to lamps as Textures and project them onto 3D geometry.

If you already have 3D geometry in the shape of a human head then, yes, you can map the Image of a face onto it as a texture. If this is not what you’re asking then take the same amount of time that I have to explain what you want… we can’t see what you’re doing from here!


ok, so you get an image onto your computer from 2 photos; you can map them onto objects, but can you combine the two photos (like merge, stretch etc.) into one face?

We are going to play 20 questions till the cows come home. Just give us some idea of what you’re doing; how many photos, of what, what kind of mesh etc…