Compositing glow on sun in solar eclipse.. (Blend file download included)

I have added the nodes I want in the compositor to give my sun a realistic feeling. I am demonstrating a solar eclipse. I have a basic animation of the moon passing over the sun. My problem, is that I can’t get both the moon and sun to render together without the moon having a glow. I have tried alpha over… and this is what I got. In the bottom left, you can see that it simply shows the outline of the moon over the sun. (Keep in mind I want the moon to block out the rays that are radiating from it.) Here is the blend file if you want to take a look…


use a mix node( add ) instead of an alpha over node
look at this blend file I quickly setup
if you’re still confused, watch this tutorial:

Thank you so much. I’ve been trying to figure this out forever, and this is exactly what I needed.