Compositing images into a movie

I am trying to render out seperat layers as well as seperate frames as files not an AVI, or Quick time,
I did a test render of 2 layers, of one frame,
here are the results,
How come his legs are cut out?
I used the alpha over node and put it in the middle of the two images
please help


I needed to have an “Add” modifier to the strip of images,
have a gander at the results now

But where are my shadows I wonder?
I added a plane to my charecter layer and had a sadows only material that was working in the test renders, but it is gone now


I was wrong, I am not getting shadows out of my shadow plane,
How do I set up a plane to only recieve the shadows for the character?

I think I figured it out again,
I needed to turn my material transparent,
I thought all I had to do wasa make it “recive shadows only”. but I made it transparent and that did it

Nope, no that wasent the deal, now I get a white plane in my render when Premul is on,

Setup another layer of just shadows and then add another layer in the sequence editor for that.
Render nodes help here:

Render Passes HERE:

This one helped me a lot:

Awesome Atom, Thanks alot
these are great sites,
do these principles work on multiple images at once,
I have 5 sets of 750 frames to combine into one video, that is alot of frames I think

No, five strips is not-a-lot, and 750 frames is not-long.

I do multipass work a lot, originally for speed and now for the flexibility that it gives me. (I generally use a non-Blender video compositor these days although the Sequence Editor is still great and very usable.)

The real beauty of this approach is that you can tweak. You render something and think to yourself, “you know, this is great but it needs a little extra…” and you know that you can actually have that without starting all over.

You start looking at “this moves, but that doesn’t, so I only need to render one frame of this…” and so-on. Once you get rid of the notion that “the finished image must pop out fully-formed from a single render” (which it doesn’t, and never did) you can really start to get creative. It’s a much more iterative approach. It’s also very nice to be able to show a “rough cut” to a client very quickly, and then to show visible progress often-enough to get feedback… knowing that you can actually use that feedback, again “without starting over.”

hello Sundialsvc4
thanks for the responce,
I was able to combin to images together, so 2 sets of images should be the same thing,
but I cant for the life of me get 3 or more at the same time,
what I had to do was combine to images, and do sequence, and then ad that render with the next layer and to composite, 5 times, is there a way to do all 5 at once?