compositing is not saved after animation render ?

I have made a finishing compositing for my architecture scene.
Made a photographic look animation with the scene.
Only when rendering the animation I see that all images are saved (png) without the compositing setting?
Render engine Cycles / Blender 2.71

Make sure that the “Compositing” check-box is checked in the post processing render settings and that the compositing node tree is plugged to the right output : composite node, not the viewer node.

I forgot Composite node Thanks.

Still not working.
I also cannot see my rendered image is this not supported for jpeg.
When I click on render active scene I see my rendered image.

camera button shows the render active scene.

Connect the glare node to the composite node which is the final output node.
Viewer node is just for previewing.

Okay thanks is that also why I can not see the backdrop image ?

The backdrop uses the Viewer node and the render uses the Composite node.
So, the backdrop should display your composting work in your setup.

Yes I see now many thanks problem solved.

You can also use several “File Output” nodes to write files exactly as you want.

My advice is to not make the comp directly on the render layer. But render it as files, then, in a new and clean .blend file, import the render as an image or a sequence and start the composting work. It will be faster (especially for animation) and if you want to change de glare or anything, no need to render it again in 3D.