Compositing Knitting

Hey ! I’ve done a simple compositing tree to generate a end plate for your blender renders / tests.

Where you can simply generate your own Creative Commons license by selecting what CC icon to use, (downloaded from

All the plates are clean plates, just an empty png. in fullHD res.

you can exchange those for your own footage or animations.

Besides the compositing blend, there is one containing my blender logo animations , - this is totally open source feel free to copy scene ident00 and make one of your own.

happy blending!

Source Files here :

Demonstration video here:

the clean plates you can exchange for your fullHD footage, Im planning to shoot something and color grade it towards the creative commons green.

and if you do some new blender logo animations, please share the blend file with me and I can merge it with the 2 I’ve done up to date.