Compositing Nodes, Background Image

How many of you uses the background image when doing node compositing?
I do, I think it’s a great feature when you only have 1 monitor.

But since some of the nodes insists on using actual pixels and not a 0-1 scale representation.

if you do a vfx in 50% of the final render, you have to redo all the effects later to fit the bigger resolution.

and also if you render full HD you can’t really see the full image (and from a design point of view, viewing your desing in 100% full, is not always good, it’s actually better to view it a bit smaller to get a sense of overall impression of the design)

I propose the background image, option… if enabled … get’s a slider. so you can render full HD but scale the backdrop image to 50% etc.

or all the pixel nodes, get a representative scale instead. (like most of the nodes do have)

just my thoughts.

CTRL+C doesnt work enymore. :frowning:

When you’re in the compositor, hit “V” to scale the backdrop image down. Alt-V to scale back up.

Ridiculous, I know. :stuck_out_tongue: