(sten) #1

sorry folks, I will not continue with my rotoscope…

therefore I will throw this in the wastebasket :wink:

(BgDM) #2

Holy crap man! PUT A SHIRT ON!!! I didn’t need to see that! :wink:

Nice job BTW!!


(sten) #3

okey I will and have 8)

(paradox) #4

Excellent I’m impressed that you used a web cam to do this. I like the black and white adds realism like you said and is good for creating a mood. I was already logged out and just did a quick scan when I saw your name so decided to see if you did anything new then I had to log back in because I wanted to let you know I liked this. Keep it up and looking forward to more with a real video cam and color.


(Stungun) #5

/me knows what ztonzy looks like now \o/

i like the greyscale style
the ending part is less good than the first part, you know, after you turned your head left to follow the ball, then the interaction between you and the ball seems less present.
but hey, you said it’s still very wippy, i’m sure you’ll figure it out :slight_smile:

  • Stungun 8)

(S68) #6

:smiley: Hehe :smiley:

great work, but why isn’t the ball casting a shade on you :stuck_out_tongue:


(sten) #7

thanks Stefano, but I drop this one 8)

(ScottishPig) #8

Very cool work. What next? Colour? A true relationship between ball and man? The world may never know… Good job, dude.


good attempt, but…

• full color :wink:
• Pills cast shadow over head
• Head cast shadow over pillas.
• The guy looks much better :wink:

(sten) #10

nice one :slight_smile:


well, I can see artifacts…the pills looks some at the left as they come
out of your head…and at the right they disapear earlier than supposed

true, its only a test. I think that with a little of more work it can be much better, but i only want to see the effect.
Another error. The shadow of the head “adds” over shadow of pills. It’s a unreal effect
See you[/quote]

(sten) #12

dropped work…project…so, I am out of this one :stuck_out_tongue:

(hermy) #13

looks nice, maybe some clearer shadows casted by the sphere(like when its hoovering above your head at the end), dunno how it’s done when using a movie source as bottom layer.

if you’re really into black & white effects etc, you should c the movie PI. a pretty recent movie all shot in black & white (grayscale ofcourse), and a nifty plot.

what are you trying to achieve with this movie ??

(sten) #14

as I said…I will cancel this project :slight_smile: sorry again

(sten) #15

cancled as stated before :slight_smile: sorry

(S68) #16


don’t do that.

Make your cloth like you did, right, make it as close to your chest as possible, and move it as you move (this will be hard, I’m afraid)

Then assign to it a shadow only material (a material which receives shadows, not light)