Compositing Separate Layers [Solved]

I’m a little new to compositing so I’m sorry if i’m missing something really obvious here…

I have two layers in my scene. One of them is basic plain scenery. On the second layer, I have an explosion. I would like to composite a glare effect on just the explosion, and not the whole scene itself. Whenever I add the glare, it messes up the basic scenery because it’s compositing the first and second layers. How can tell Blender to composite the glare on just one layer?

It’s easier to show than explain, but the layer (scene layer, not render layer) that has the explosion should be excluded from the main render layer, then in the compositor you recombine the unaltered main layer and the output image of the enhanced explosion layer. So far I’ve only use the mix or the alpha-over nodes to do this, so I’m not sure if there a re other or better ways to combine them.
Hope I said all that right.

There is a good intro tutorial at Blender Guru that should give better direction.

Hey thanks! How ironic, I have watched that tutorial before. In fact, I was try to find it earlier. You completely resolved my problem. THANK YOU!

You’re quite welcome.