Compositing with green screen

Hello everyone! I have a couple of questions to ask, it’s about creating a video with an explosion, then I created a video where I throw an object, as soon as this object touches the ground, it explodes, the explosion would be a green screen video clip where there is an explosion, then I managed to compose the two videos together I removed the green color with the keying node, but I don’t know how to start the video with the explosion when the object launched touches the ground! because the two videos start together and I don’t know how to add a delay to the green screen video, a long time ago I created a video with after effects, and those who know after affects know that you can add more videos one above the other and you can move in the timeline to start them at the desired moment, can it also be done with Blender? thanks for some help …


Assuming you are in the compositor, doesn’t a negative offset do what you want?

If you use a negative offset of 25 frames, the sequence should hold on the first frame for 25 frames.