Hi all.Did anyone know if there are a free or which has GPL licence software for compositing audio and video.I want to be able to look my movie made with blender in t.v.

Windows movie maker comes free with Windows XP and up i do believe.

oops.Thank you so much

Though it isn’t GPL.
VirtualDub is though.

I like VirtualDub more. It has a lot of cool features, and its free:

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Can we add audio and adjust its length with with virtual dub ? If only audio render could be added in blender.The problem I got now with the xp movie maker is that when I import a quantity of movie and audio and when I save it, the resolution is catastrophic.

  • In blender, put all your sounds together in the sequence editor - I’m not sure on the details, there’ll be tuts out there.
  • Render the animation as an AVI
  • In the sound panel (press F10, then look on the buttons header for the sound-wave icon) click “MIXDOWN”
  • Close blender, start VirtualDub
  • File->Open video file, find the AVI
  • Video->Direct stream copy (avoid recompression artefacts)
  • Audio->WAV Audio, find your file
  • Turn on Audio->Full processing mode
  • Audio->Compression, set everything up - MP3 is probably best
  • If necessary, turn on Audio->Use advanced filtering and go into Audio->Filters - lets you do things like stretch the audio out if it’s the wrong speed.
  • Save
    And yes, we all long for the day when blender will do the final step of putting the audio into the .avi file, but for now with the mixdown button it’s simply a case of muxing them together in postpro.