Compositor - cannot add nodes, cannot display render result as backdrop

Hello -

I keep running into this issue with Blender:

After rendering an image I select “Compositing” from the screen layout drop-down and sometimes I cannot add compositing nodes and/or view the render result as the backdrop.

When I try to add the output node everything is grayed out in the add node menus.

I have been able to correct this by clicking wildly out of frustation, but that of course prevents me from seeing exactly what I did to get it working.

I really appreciate any help here - thanks!

On the bottom bar of the compositing window, enable ‘Use Nodes’

Okay - I kept track of my mindless clicking this time and discovered that the nodes would only appear once I clicked off the Node-Tree-Type-Compositing to either Node-Tree-Type-Texture or -Shader and then back to the -Compositing type.

However the render result still does not want to appear as the backdrop in the compositor view. :frowning:

Sorry - was so excited about enabling nodes that I forgot to add viewer node.

All good now. Hopefully this can be helpful to others who might run into the same issues.