Compositor node file format inconsistencies

Hello all,

This isn’t a request for help, just a public service announcement about a really annoying bug that I just worked through.

When coding compositor nodes, the file format strings are not consistent between file output nodes and the composite scene output node. Meaning, if you want to render out .exr files, you specify that via “OPENEXR” in a file output node, but by “OPEN_EXR” in the scene composite node output. *

This is pretty annoying, and stole several hours of my life while I was trying to figure out why Blender was rendering .tga files for me instead of .exr’s (TGA is the default output if you put in a file format string that Blender doesn’t recognize).

It would be nice if that inconsistency could be resolved, to avoid future confusion.



  • note: same is true of .hdr files: “RADIANCE_HDR” is the string for file output, “HDR” is the string for composite node output.

Probably best to post a bug report to the tracker since this should be fixed before release so it doesn’t introduce yet another cross release py-api change.

Done. Guess it’s high time I had an official Blender Foundation account =-P