Compound eye of a fly.

I am pretty new to blender and I am trying to make a compound eye for a fly. I think I have a reasonable first attempt but would like to improve on it. I textured a sphere with a bump pattern on the UV in Gimp, added a color ramp material on the normal and a white material with a little shine for a finish. I have a lot to learn about materials and texturing.

flyEye.blend (285 KB)

Reference image:

Thanks in advance,

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Looks pretty successful to me, nice material.

Thank you!

Yes, nice material. Looks quite a bit like the real thing.
Your facettes however seem to be square. Are they? 'cause insect eyes have hexagonal facettes (can be seen in the full resolution version of your ref image…)

The bumps are hemispheres, I hadn’t noticed hexagonal shapes, I’ll study the reference a little deeper. Thanks!

Per UglyMike I made hex shaped projections and tweaked the colors. I learned how to create patterns in gimp so the whole process got a lot easier and better looking.