Computer Aided Design

Just curious, since Autodesk has a software that does CAD design, so for Blender is there something similar?

Doesn’t work with Maya, though.

Yeah I am saying if Blender has some add on or somethign that allows me to do CAD?

There are multiple Blender add-ons that aid CAD purposes, such as: (included in the add-ons that are shipped with Blender)

You could also go for the dedicated Blender CAD branch:

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Can I just install an extension from that website to get Blender CAD features?

No, this is a separately maintained Blender version (branch) which you’ll have to install next to the regular Blender release, or in stead of the regular Blender release.

As long as the branch is actively developed, the maintainers will frequently synchronize their branch with new versions of the main Blender build, so you won’t miss new features from the regular releases.

Blender branches are frequently compiled and can be downloaded from GraphicAll.

I see.

Between these two links, which one would you say is better?

With this particular version, would you say it is better or the same as AutoDesk’s CAD software?

It doesn’t take control of your work away from you.

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I’d love to tell you more, but I’m not a CAD designer myself (well, no technical designer), so I have little knowledge of the CAD add-ons and the Mechanical Blender branch.

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Just by taking a look at their Github repo, it looks like both projects are dead.

Checked it. The Tiny CAD Mesh Tools are integrated in the default Blender package these days, so that’s why the Github has been abandoned, but the add-on is still alive and maintained. You just need to activate it in the Blender Preferences.

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CAD relies on mathmatically modeled surfaces while oftware like Blender and Maya rely on meshes, I don’t think Blender could have CAD within itself but precision modeling tools are coming to Blender which should be somewhat similar.