CAD Snap Utilities

Here a demonstration of the Addon “Snap Utilities”.
vídeo 1:

After a long wait …
video 2:

video 3:

video 4:

video 5:

video 6:

video 7:

Full version available at:

LINE Version comes with Blender. Free :slight_smile:


This addon is absolutely amazing. This is easy as sketchup but wit the power of blender. I love it!
Thank you.

You are kidding…)) My prayers have been heard !
Thank you, Brazil !!

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Mano, you are so close that it itches :smiley:

As a architect I can say this looks really useful, I have to try i myself. Looks a lot like Sketchup modeling workflow.

Wish something like this could be achieved for bezier curve objects aswell, since I often use them for a lot of things.

Anyway, very nice work, thanks for sharing. Keep it up

Great addon!

Thank you guys :). Glad to see that you liked :slight_smile:


Can this could be implemented as Knife tool options?


Very cool job, PERFECT!

Correct me if i’m wrong, but at one point you seem to be able to draw a horizontal plane outside of the initial mesh. How did you manage that? I’ve tryed it but to no success…
Does this mean it is possible to make a separate tool to draw custom objects on the base grid?

@Okavango, you just need to look more from above (leaving the grip more perpendicular to the angle of view). Or “View from the top (numpad 7).”

Can you better explain this part? I didn’t understand.

Well, if an addon can place a vertex onto the base grid (z=0) it seems that we are only a step away of making a tool that can draw custom shapes where you need them and in size and shape that you need. Instead of creating a box of size 2x2x2 somewhere else and then pulling it to your position and adjusting the shape, you could draw a rectangle under the cursor and then automaticly set its extrusion… Or make a cilynder or whatever :slight_smile:
I guess the only thing needed is for the addon to maintain the z=0 value for all the succesive vertices, while drawing the base shape. Or just maintain the same z value as from the first vertex, keeping the base shape planar…
Just got inspired seeing this tremendous ability that you achieved with your addon - the interaction is smooth, the snap is fast, precise and versatile… Great job!

Hmm, I got it. So, do not edit a mesh but draw a mesh from scratch. Good idea @Okavango :slight_smile:
With respect the invisible plane (z=0). Here are the changes (In the first post also):

Ae Mano-Wii!!! Parabéns!!! Muito bom cara!!!

Thank you, easy to use and Z-key is good for snapping but it does not merge vertex to existing edge.

You’re welcome :).
I think you mean the fact that the Addon not intersect edges. That’s right, this functionality is not yet implemented. As the limit to extend. They are still to do. :slight_smile:

Basically yes, with keys xyz vertice is not connected to an existing edge but without xyz it is, like in your video.

Yeah. You’re right @JuhaW. I had not realized. Problem solved.

Not merging if you first use xyz to snap and then continue without xyz.

For me is working. Please try again.
EDIT: Other changes made