Computer/Blender/VG Forum

Hello everyone. HybridHELIX Studios is currently constructing it’s forum so if you want to visit it goto It will be a general forum with Graphics design, video gamming, and of course Blender! If you want to help us out in it’s development contact me at [email protected]. We are implementing a money system to buy features in the board and we will add so many more features. The forum will be complete within a week or so. NOTE: YOU MUST REGISTER TO VIEW THE FORUM…GUEST VIEWERS ARE EXTREAMLY LIMITED. Please be patient as the forum undergoes these enhancements.

(If you want to help in the development don’t waste our time, register at the forum so we can make u an admin or something so u can assist in development…thank you)

Dude, posting that you have a new forum with no members that covers less but not more than elYsiun already does is like walking to a beautiful moderately frequented ocean beach and screaming, “Hey everybody, I’m building a pool at my place. Follow me! First ones there get to be lifeguards! There’s no water yet, but it’ll get there in time.”

LOL shbaz.

man w/e this forum covers OTHER things besides Blender…duh

Your attitude is really going to help you.