Computer will not start!

Hi guys

I’ve got a problem… my comp won’t start up


no response at all when I push power button
starts for about a second if I flip off power supply and turn it back on, power button still useless
randomly starts/shuts down every minute or so, each startup lasting about one second

could it be the power supply?

thanks for any tips!

Yes, sounds very much like the power supply.

Check the adapter if you have a laptop.

could be a funky switch…

call your manufacturor’s tech support… If it is broken, and under warenty, they might fix it for you…

this might happen becouse of the powesupply, when the computer starts up does it make a beep or two?? and then crash? 1 beep means good and anything above that there is a system to tel lwhat is wrong…

could be motherboard short circuit

check to see if any metal has broken loose inside of case because of age or something

check fans to see if processor is getting enough cooling

if its a mac, try these

Reset Pram

if its a macbook might need a logic board replacement, if its a PC, defo a powersupply issue.

If you get a Black screen, means your CPU is dead.

Or if you don’t hear a beep when you start your computer then the motherboard battery needs replacing, very cheap a few dollars $. However, I think your CPU is dead $$.

Same problem happened with us a while ago… after fiddling with the power supply, plugs and smacking it around for hours heh, we got fed up and sent it off to a repair shop, and they said we had to get a new motherboard…

thanks for the replies

It’s a pc, and there are no beeps. This has actually been happening for a while, but it always got stable after an hour or so… now it’s been two days and it won’t startup.

I guess I’ll just take it to a repair shop.

thanks guys

Woah - you might like to check it isn’t the system battery, before you take it to the shop - it might save you a few bob (especially if you have a spare battery around). You can usually see it very easily on the motherboard - it’s one of those lithium batteries you find in watches. If you have a spare one lying around I’d try that first.

I once had a Linux box that died suddenly. Symptoms: Hard drive would spin up and everything would sound normal, but only a black screen. No bios checks or anything. After salvaging parts and giving some parts away, I read in a magazine later that it was probably the little 3 dollar BIOS coin cell battery on the mobo.:stuck_out_tongue:

Well in these cases it could be anything.

Although it is most likely to be a PSU problem or a motherboard problem.

To see if its a motherboard problem go around it with a flash light and see if the board looks burnt(black/brown) also check the capacitors if the top of the capacitors has a powder on them and look burst open, then you need a new mobo.

Power supply is tricky to figure out, the easiest way is to get a working PSU from another machine and swap them. If the other PSU starts the machine up fine then you know it was a dud PSU.

Also if it is a dud mother board make sure there is proper air circulation(another internal fan will do, sucking air out). I had to repalce a motherboard cause the capacitors blew, it got to hot. :stuck_out_tongue:

Computer technician here. Get rid of all card except the graphics card and try to restart. According to my experience it boots without beeps even with a completely depleted batterie. It simply does not store the BIOS settings anymore. If you can manage to see something more than the bios screen try a LINUX live-cd just to make sure it that it aint the fault of some windows and gates. If it still does not work borrow another power supply. Still no go means replacing the mainboard. It’s a lot of hunting the prob and trial and error which is extremely hard to calculate. But most of the time i am lucky and don’t have to pull the full scale. Ah, and shake your PC wether its not a loose screw (not joking), after that push your graphics card into the AGP slot twice. Err, push the graphics card twice before everything else, especially if you carry your PC ocassionally. Hope that helps.