Concentric pinch

Hi. I am trying to find out how to avoid “weird” reflections and pinching.

If you look from the center to the boundaries the mesh gets some bumps towards the “corners” of the rounded square.

My objective is to portray the rounded square merging smoothly towards a lower center. Now I can see artifacts in the reflections…kind of a “fan” effect.

This is my mesh in case you have any suggestion:

I tried adding loops in between the center (small circle) and the border (round square), but did not help.

Having evenly spaced polygons will solve this issue I think. I would do something like this:

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Thank you!

The model I am showing has a “depression” towards the center. Like this:

I believe I could use the proportional editing in linear mode and move on z the center of your mesh. I will need to convert the center polygons to a circle in order to generate the vertex point where the mesh converge towards the center.

I am curious how you generated the even mesh. Did you do the corner radius before subdividing the cube?

I tried by adding loop cuts in the mesh I already posted:

But did solve the artifacts

I also tried to bridge the center circle:

to the borders of the square.

I am wondering if the transition shouldn´t be from a circle to the rounded square. Meaning that the edges closer to the circle are circle typish and the ones closer to the border of the square are squarish.

So far the outcome that the bridge loop give me is all squarish profiles in between. Could it be that?

My workflow was to start with a plane, add some horizonta/vertical divisions, bend it into place using the bend deformer. At this point i deleted 3/4 of the geometry so i can mirror the rest later. I then rounded the corner (geometry on corners isnt ideal but oh well), added a bevel, and mirrored the rest.

But this is not the topology you posted before. I am sure you will get pinching with this topology. I was asking about the first image you attached with the clean spacing. Also If you check what I uploaded the shape I am trying to achieve is not the same, therefore the challenge with the pinching thing. The one you posted now It could be easily solve with a proportional editing as smooth right?

So just to be clear you want the circle at the bottom of the mesh you created but without the pinching artifacts?


The borders of the square connect with a small circle (dot size) that is below the border height…the idea is to create kind of a inverted cone with the difference the cone base is a circle and in this case is a square with rounded corners. If you check in the screenshot you will see in yellow a section of the geometry.

Also I am curious how did you build the first mesh you showed, I maybe can tweak that by making a circle in the center and proportional editing towards the borders in linear mode.