Concept ->3D

I trying my hand at taking a 2D concept with minimal reference and creating its 3D counterpart. Not as easy as I thought it would be. :slight_smile: I still have a bit of smoothing out to do on his lumpy head and add the ears.

Crit me :ba:

Heres the concept: (not mines, found it on the net somwhere.)

What I have so far:

Since this is a learning project, I would love to see how others would have started this model because I had a bit of trouble. So if your bored and wanna teach me something then feel free to post your base meshes in this thread. :smiley:

Drop the top of the nose more

The space from the top of the nose to the mouth should be more.

The Eye Brow should be more defined.

These small things are what really make your characters features stand out. Right now he looks kind of boring.

A few tweaks, place holders for the ears(not sure how to do those yet) and a couple of bone spikes. :slight_smile:

Very nice! I see a few five-poles that might need working out if you’re going to animate it, but it looks awesome!

I can see those ears being very expressive. The whole face too, This shows a lot of cuteness quotient!

I couldn’t help it, made a few more small tweaks to the head :eyebrowlift: Also got a start on the body finally. Still needs alot of work though.

Looking good. Great modelling skills you have there. Good eye for proportions. Did you do any ortho sketches before you started or are you doing this completly freehand?

Thankyou :o And no, that 1 is the only reference I have. Its all freehand. Thats how I prefer it tho. :slight_smile:

Small Update so I can have your critique on how the head is fitting on the body. Arms, hands and feet will be done today I hope.

Heres an update with me trying to follow through with some excellent critique I recieved over at SubD boards. Still trying to get as close to concept as possible.

Still no hands or feet…they are giving me a bit of trouble because I’ve never modeled them before.

Looking really good so far! Good luck with the hands and feet. I would give you some tips…but… I am not good at them either. Good luck!

thats cool! great modeling so far

nice can’t wait to see the finish

Awww that is sooo cute!

:slight_smile: Well he’s finally got nubs to grab things with. They need some work but I’m leaving them till the final tweak at the end. Feet coming soon I hope :slight_smile:

Coming along very nicely! Can’t wait to see the finished product!

This looks nice. Nice and friendly character and very nice modeling. I’ll keep watching this one.!

nice model, look forward to seeing the completed mesh… and the wings :slight_smile:

methinks his body is too long. man, i hope you get around to animating this guy, he seems perfect for the job. He looks cute, until you see him devouring calvins hamster. nahh, he wouldn’t do that. he’s a good little fella :smiley:

Love the style. Looks promesing.

Good model. I would look into the nose holes making them go inwards more, so they become real holes. As Sammaron says, the body is maybe a bit too long… … I don’t know.