Concept art (another challenge)

many will remember the floating tree. well i have another concept which i think people may enjoy doing.

it comes from the comic book i drew in this thread

it will be the train below (if features on the first page)

other concepts (which people might like) include the bio-mechanical security person/system at the bottom of one of the second to last page. or the car on the last page.

this will be open for as long as you like, but i’d say a month would be cool for the train many people could do it in the weekend, the train is a bio-mechanical steam engine for your information. the front will have a mutilated human in it (you need not model that)

for a feel of the piece you could look at the comic.

enjoy, i hope those who can’t think of ideas )or find it hard) can have some fun with this. as always you own all the rights to your image, and i need no real credits except for perhaps a “original concept” or somthing (but that is not necisary)


I like this concept, however it is very incomplete. I will need to imagine the mechanical parts that make it move before starting to model it.