Concept art for short film

A preview pic of a short movie I have been planning for a loong time :smiley:

now that is really something. very cool…the arms look like a sentinel from The Matrix


Now I’m looking forward to this!

Once again, another wicked piece by you [email protected]

Always love your space stuff.


I really like it. Both the lighting and environment are killer. What did you do for the background? is it post production or done in blender?

it’s ZAP-O-Riffic.

very cool, how did you do the background, is it a photo, or your work, very nice

[email protected], I’ve always looked up to your works as examples of excellence, and this work is no different. Awesome render, very exciting. I cannot wait to see this :slight_smile:


(p.s. do you ever read your PMs? ;))

looking forward to seeing the animation. powerful image. Is that a Hubble image in the background?

Very nice picture, I like it alot!


Marty_D, SpindleRift and Wu: The background is done in blender using various cloud images and the new mapping options – Light, dark, screen ect…


Holy shit, I didn’t realise people were sending me PM’s! :o usually I get an email telling me that a new PM has arrived, but since it isn’t working now I assume I unticked a box or something in my Profile :wink:

Anyway, wow, thanks for the kind words, it’s always nice to hear that people appreciate what I do, cheers bud :smiley:

Also, S68 and Paradox: I’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible, I didn’t realise people were PMing me :expressionless:

Beautiful image, [email protected] The background is really amazing.

Beutifull image indeed, great job and I (as everyone els) am looking forward to seeing the animation :smiley:


wow, nice work! what is it? :smiley: i like the beam thing.

oooo… nice…

Looks pretty cool! :slight_smile:

This looks awesome :wink: great work!

Very good picture, can’t wait for the film…

Are you related to alan parsons in any way ?

hey madcow…

looking awsome :slight_smile:

cant wait to see final result :smiley: