Concept art

Some concept art for a class project (if selected). More to come, maybe

Tram modeled in C4D, painted in Photoshop

Looks unique.
Nice bicycle machine

I like the bicycle tram concept - nice work Shawn :).

hi guys!

Thanks for your feedback! this project has been selected for production!!

However, I will not be doing the concept art for it, there are other students in my program that are better suited for this; but I am really amped that this is going to be made and I am really glad our pitch has been so well received. I’m meeting with the preproduction team this afternoon.

Reminds me of Wolfenstein tram level.

Another quick sketch after having some difficulty expressing how I saw this when I wrote the script:

I really like this style, I would like to give it a try on some of my own concept art.

Look forward to seeing more of your work.