Concept Car - Scorch

Blender 2.53beta

looks like something from the original tron movie…

yes, thats partly where my inspiration was from :slight_smile:

kinda looks like the nike car in gt 4 too

Haha yeah first thing I thought when I saw this: Tron! Looks good. I really like the reflections.

Spiffy! Blender Internal?

I think a nice dark background would help the scene alot, the car already looks great. Perhaps a road with glowing markers to throw up a couple reflections would make the car pop and keep that futuristic feel. Also maybe a small motion blur to add some action would make it look sweet.

I think the back end could be changed a bit, like, do something with the black box, looks too much like a Hotwheel car, unless that’s what you’re going for, then great job.

cool, i like it, i think the back is a bit too dark… should have some tail lights and the wheels could be a little better… good work!

Thanks guys. Yea, its rendered in blender internal. I might add a background as suggested.
also the tailights are there xD

nice, I love the tailights! You should make it in a dark setting with them being the sole illumination.

In my mind i keep seeing it in a scene similar to
Except perhaps a good sight darker.

Animate it. Something like this would look cool in action.

  • Floyd

Thanks guys :slight_smile:
yea i just might animate it a bit, ill have to find a way to reduce the render time tho

I know that fight. If you have a graphics card that can support it, you may want to look into gpu rendering. Smallluxgpu is a free example.

  • Floyd