Concept Car

Here is a semi-finished/finished model that i got too bored to complete. Its a car that I drew about a year ago and I whanted to see if i could model it.
It took me about 5 weeks to model, and i learned a lot about Blender modeling it.
I call it the LTX. Why the ltx… i have no idea:confused: .
I was to lazy to give it a proper name.

C&C welcomed


it would look better if you did it like you know…where the car is like floating on white surface and the shadow points as if there was a surface…you know what i mean right?

You mean if there was a floor under the car?

I did put planes under the blue and silver car.

haha, thats a very cool car! Just try to work a little bit more on the lighting (perhaps try yafray?), and it would be 5 starts for me

the lighting and reflections on that first one look pretty sweet

Awsome. WAY better than i can model cars