My first successful car model. A little three day project just to see if i had improved my modelling skills. I was inspired by something i saw on CGTalk, so here is my version.

Blender Internal, 7 hour render @ 1920*1440, the second one has obviously had some post pro and was rescaled for better quality.
And the clay shot.

the front end looks melted. the back end looks great tho

it’s pretty cool, the front and the end, really cool.
There’s is only one but: i think you should redo the rims. you hvae a nice car with ugly rims. they look like matchbox-wheels.
Also love the retro,old look.

Now THAT is effing hawt. 5 starred

Thanks for the comments, yeah this is the first time i’ve been able to make a car look good, i could never get the hng of getting the edge loops in the righ places but i think i got it right, thats not to say that there aren’t some iffy bit of moddelling in there, the exaust and the checkered square were a bit of a logistical nightmare for me.

Its an interesting shape at the front, looks crooked but i assure you it isn’t, the back end is where i was running out of imagination.

Anywho, i’ll do a back end render and then i might share the model but i’ll save that for a bit later.

Nice job. I like the front, but not so much the back. The back seems very plain compared to the front.
I’m curious as to what you did for materials, I always have a hard time with them.

Courage design, and very original.

O_O thats the best car render i’ve seen in a looooong time
definately deserves 5 stars

Nice design, it looks a bit retro and very aggresive.
The doors seem to be quite weird, I have in fact no clue how could it open.

And, please, use smaller thumbnails linking to these big images. I dont like using my horizontal scrollbar :wink:

Five pieces of that yellow stuff, of course.

wow…i like it…one question: how’d you get the peices to fit together? when i model cars, i never know if the lines between parts should be a texture, or modeled, or all the peices fitted together. (bad english, forgive me)

With the style of the front end, it might be worth adding a GT-40 style flare over the rear wheels or just bring it up a little. Just looks too flat IMO.

Very interesting design though! Good job.

@EMU, looks like two regular doors and two suicide doors (like on some extended cab trucks)

@Bone, Looks like he separated the panels and beveled the edges.

^^ Not exactly, i’ll do a general walkthrough of my workflow.

I started with the wheels, decided on there size and how far apart they are. Then I modelled the general silouette shape from the to get the top, then i started tweaking the bonnet/hood to get the details for the front. For the side i did the silouette shape of the doors, then filled it in, so they were there own mesh then i sort of modelled the sides inwards until they met the doors.

Next i figured out the best place for the edge loops to go, added the curves and lines in the mesh, did the back end quite quickly, separated the boot/trunk. THe exaust and squares part took a bit longer. Finally it was a case of tweaking the mesh until the nasty bumps and lumps had gone.

Oh and somewhere along the line i did the materials and lighting, but i stole stuff from other projects there.

Positively beautiful…5 stars, wonderful lighting, perfect model, sleek shaders…


looks awesome! great texturing. some more overall contrast/punchiness would be cool i think. right now it seems very Blender-Internal typical grey, if you know what i mean.

nice job but i like the original better

dost my eyes decieve me? i am not the smartest man in the world, but methinks thy see a case of plagarism! (i hope i spelled that correctly)

nah, i take that back. you did your thing. dead zero is being a hater.

I saw this car that Miroslav Hundak made and was quite suprised to see it here.
Nice modeling and render but idea is far from original

I did say that i saw it on CGTAlk and made my own version of the same thing.

Yeah, jeez guys, chill. He mentioned where he saw it and whatnot.
Remember that alien that maqs made? He was inspired by a CGsociety piece, and didnt even mention it, and his art ended up in the gallery…