Concept car

Hey guys,

Check out this concept model.

It will be used over real footage in a movie I will be making the coming weeks.

Special thanks to everybody in the forums, especially
Exile420 (for mirror/subsurf strategy)
Richard Marklew (for many things :slight_smile: )

Im currently researching realisitc rendering (lighting), after guidance from another
nice guy here, Craig Jones. So probably the lighting will be improved.

Tell me what you think, guys!


Cool, futuristic car.

You were inspired by the Maserati Birdcage concept weren’t you? Cool model!

Darn, I am revealed ! :smiley:

In fact I began modelling the Birdcage, but I soon decided that “what the heck, why not make something new ?” so
I let go of the references and continued freely from there. That’s why the back side is quite different from the Maserati,
while the front is, well, a ripoff :slight_smile:

Thanks for your kind words fellas

I knew it! :slight_smile:

The back is definitely different. Cool looking too. Now I feel inspired and want to make a concept car of my own design. It might be cool to see a version where the glass has less tint, so we could see the interior better.

Oh, then you should go ahead, its very satisfying. Hours of fun! Wife very angry! LOL

Well the high tint is actually a trick to hide the lack of detail in the interior.
Like the Far West hollywood towns, where there was nothing behind the house front LOL.
Anyway here is a dissapointing view of “behind the scenes”.

The monitors and blue parts of the seats have “Emit”, so they look more dramatic from outside.

I feel unworthy of a mention… LOL… the strategy is a fairly well used one, and many people could have given the same explanation
I’m not much of a modeler… but I know rigging. :smiley: …which is why I pmed you some tips for making a car rig
(if you haven’t already made one)

overall this is a pretty epic looking car.

also that interior isn’t at all bad, as long as its not a “star player” in the scene with close up internal shots… I think its pretty good for the job… (distant or fast moving shots)

as you are now researching lighting techniques. I would consider a few slight changes to the material… the colour is fine, but not very “metallic” looking (most cars have metallic paint for high shininess factor) a few tweaks to the specular and maybe either an
environment map (you could use the original video footage to make environment maps if you can find a neat way to map the to the car… there’s maybe an addon for making environment maps from footage (it wouldn’t look accurate without 360 degree footage, but you could cheat by blurring the reflections quite a bit and maybe flipping the map horizontally…and mapping it onto the car in some way or other)
effectively changing the video’s image slightly then painting the image in onto the car as a “mirror” effect…
(this is the same way they made the T-1000 from terminator 2 back in the 80s… its not perfect, but it looked damn good)
its a good way to cheat when composting live action footage and renders… though you could use a probe if you have access to one… a chrome sphere works too :smiley: but you would have to mount it somehow then remove it in post process…

that’s my rant done for now…

overall… well modeled… good job :slight_smile:

time to find someone else to “lecture” at… haha