Concept +finished work

Hi-hi! I have modeled this in Zbrush and rendered in Blender Cycles (since I like SSS there). Please, tell me your honest thoughts. I would really like to improve, so I appreciate critique!

Hi-res -

To model him I have used multiple concept arts (from the artist’s permission) of the same character

I guess this is Sauron before the destruction of Númenor?

I really like the style of this piece! It has this kind of a comic/manga style and is really close to the concept art.

Thank you, Spax for your comment! Technically, he is already carring around the Ring, so it is after Numenor… at the same time the sigil on his chest is a sigil of Angband, which was destructed long before the Ring was made. I kind of messed up there >_<
Sorry, did not stick to the idea too well, got carried away by the modelling part :slight_smile:

Hi Margenta

Very nice what you have done here so congrats. :smiley:

As you mentioned to Guss the cloth here could use some work, maybe add some bump to it in order to give it some sort of texture, unless this is what you were going for. The SSS is also maybe a bit strong on the right hands especially.

I do however feel that this image needs a nice background with maybe smoke?

I also feel that you have not found the best pose to capture this.

But as I said earlier, very nice.


Very cool ! Maybe an angle view would be to show better and less for SSS if else a little to much for bland.

On the other hand, great work for character.

Thank you for your advice!

Speed7, I do have bump on some clothes there (not on the pants, they’r silk), but not strong enough, I gather :smiley:
(smoke could be nice ^_^)

Deep SSS is something I never get right for some reason. I have a complex 4 layered skin shader, which I love, but have very little control over. Still need to learn.

threedslider, I know, right, the pose and angle I picked is not the best, as well as cam lens… you’r right:)

I think it’s a very good work for 3d printing, though the cape can be too thin, isn’t it? The modeling is perfect and I like the styilization of the character. I don’t know the source (looks like anime) but it reminds me more Disney classic characters (the evil ones :wink:

Two things that make me think it could be improved, somehow.

First, the pose can be too hieratic. But maybe you are looking for that effect, in the case you are depicting a very important moment. So it can work like this, as well.

And the other thing is related to materials. They are good, but I cannot understand the golden part in the clothes. I mean the arm and the neck. It seems you are mixing golden clothes and golden wire. They are too similar, maybe some difference in color or glossiness could help.

It’s the only point I see. Otherwise it’s a very good job. Congratulations! Have a nice days!

Thank you for kind words (I had to actually look up hieratic in the dictionary :D) and especially Disney classic reference, a real joy to read.

You are right about the pose) I wanted my comic-style Sauron look as presentable as possible and overdid it. He is kind of showing off, but at the same time stiff (just like me at public events)).

And you are right about gold - it is the same mat on both meshes (anisotrophic simple gold with yellow spec). I do not like dealing with textures and spend 80% of my time modelling and it shows. I have to be more accurate in the future!