Concept motorcycle

I still have to do calipers, grips, cabling, taillight… and maybe redo the front fairing. There’s something about it I just don’t like; looks way more bulbous than my sketches

Thinking about making up some visible led modules for the headlights

Any ideas guys?

Bring the seat/backing down a bit. Whether it’s a concept or not, realistically, your rider is going over if it stops.
You could add an extra set of headlights on top, just to make it look more awesome. Or even add a second wheel in the back, so it kind of resembles a big rig…
(My ideas suck. :o)

The ergos (and whole concept really) is in line with the new Ducati 1199 Panigale

On a bike like this you want more weight over the front so when you put the power down you keep the front wheel down. Then when you brake you “get big” (sit back to put weight on the back wheel)

They are torture racks but sportbike riders are suicidal masochists so its all good :slight_smile:

I would suggest then modeling the Ducati, and getting as close to the details as possible that way for your next model you have the experience and can make your own concept…again the key is the details!

Thanks DDD I will give that a try

It’s really not that far off geometry-wise IMHO. I think you’ve done pretty well with it. Rather than starting over with a new model of a given bike what I would suggest is to put that Ducati image on your blender background and shift some of your bits and pieces around.

For example, once you line your model up on the background image say your clip-ons (handle bars) are way way too low? Raise them up a bit, lift your forks and triple clamp up a little if it needs it etc etc repeat on the other major components. Don’t just toss out your bike design but maybe shift it a bit till it ‘feels right’ you know?

Berticus I will give that a try too. I tweaked it a little bit last night, stretching the wheelbase to a more realistic length. Most bikes seem to have a 1.5-1.75 wheel gap between the inside tire edges… this one was a little closer than that. I think the rear tire might also be a little too fat.

I made some other tweaks too… changed the fairing a little bit, fixed the crease in the seat, leveled out the tail + tank, smoothed out the tank etc. etc. One question though. I want the fairing to be two different materials- the red paint on top, and then a matte black on the bottom. I created two vertex groups and even assigned materials to different faces manually. No dice. It was either all matte black or all paint. Should I just separate them into two pieces or am I just not assigning the materials correctly? I imagine it’s me not doing something right; can’t be a glitch in the program.

Latest update

  • Carbon fiber everything (frame, wheels, fairing cover)
  • Titanium subframe
  • Redone engine + transmission

Next steps

  • More convincing titanium
  • More hardware (bolts etc)
  • Dash
  • Odds n ends (grips, re-do levers, fix wheel hubs)