Concept off-road car

I don’t know why but after so many topics with cars i manage to i have to my concept car!!! so mech wip is now freeze i really now focus on this and not leave it… It goes good… it will be a bit sci-fi car…

So 2 renders clay and material. and draw (not mine) with shows… in some way what type of car i’m doing…

I’m really happy from the tyre :smiley: take a while to model. :stuck_out_tongue:

What next:
+add spring.
+fix tyre abit in one place
+add rim too tyre.
+add conection from tyre to suspension…


are you going to rig the suspension?

It’s rigged ;D the only problem will be a spring… And it deformation. Now works perfect. :smiley:

Rigging…another thing I havent really touched yet. Good to learn one day I guess. Looks good, but the upper part where the shock connects to looks wimpy for something that big. I could use some gussets or beefing up.

Looks very nice, looking forward to the final concept.

I do agree with what Kernal said, the top mount could be strenghtened a bit, also a double wishbone type suspension could be used here, afaik its commonly used in todays cars.

Without the double a-arm the tire will not stay perpendicular to the ground through the compression of the suspension as your one reference photo shows. Your tire will follow the arc of the lower arm the way you have it. You could make your shock set up as a McPherson strut so the spindle is solidly attached at the bottom. Then the wheel will move properly up and down, and not in an angle.

Great for help i spend 30 minutes in google for searching good offroad suspension and i didn’t found maybe because i just type suspension hahaha xD i didn’t think about study suspension off-road or somethink like that… soo…

So it has to look like this? is is right?

Yeah, that’s a double a-arm type suspension. Notice how the spindle would keep parallel with the ground as the suspension compresses?
You can google MacPherson strut suspension for images to remove the upper a-arm.

The concept looks like it is a similar size to a monster truck. If you look at the suspension of a monster truck they don’t use independant suspension. So realistically you should have an axle connecting both wheels directly together; as this is a stronger setup and can take more of a beating from rough terrains as well as carry heavy loads.

Okey… so i’m going to create such suspension…

Chuk_Chuk, thx… however i want to have independed… because it will more for high speeds etc…

You should get yourself more of those RC model pictures, there are some great simple principles such as the suspension or drivetrain, that can be easily translated to your concept :slight_smile:

Holy christ shit god in a fucking stick :smiley: and motherfucking holy glory :smiley: are going to make that suspension? OMG My head blows.I want to see that working

The suspensions of sport ATVs or side by sides are good examples, or even baja buggies/trucks.

How did you model the tread on the tire?

Thx for support i modeled some of the supension still going… in next days some update…

I made a video because some people ask me to and i think it can helpa lot of people…

it’s quite funny hahhah
Should work with the newer version of blender if you know where all the things have been moved to,tread is easy to customize.

Spring rigging:

@OP,good work so far.Looking forward to how it will look when it’s done.

Do you have an idea or some sketches of the exterior look?

Tomorow i’m going to draw some sketches i will post it hear :stuck_out_tongue: It is very simple but very strong… :]… I will later add some more details to it but this is how it looks like :smiley:

Quick movie show of rig…

hahahha i see one now big mistake hahahah

I have a feeling the suspension is going to cause problems for the steering rack assembly, especially where the stub axle is.

Where while the drive axld go? That one shock is in the way. The use of the other two shocks is interesting, variBle camber?