Concept vehicle

Been awhile since I last posted here, what with being busy with school and all. I just notched out enough time this week to start working on this project. It’s another concept car of course. At it for about a day now. Let me know what you think.

its an honor to be the first poster
it already looks awesome like your other works
design is quite new and original too.
i can see some styling element of 458 italia and Mclaren MP4-12C
looking forward for more!

Awsome work i love it, I can see a Corvette 706 in it.

The material is very plasticy and the windows are boxy…though the body design seems to be well done. I know your probably surprised that I’m critiquing something so nice but everyone does cars…especially sports cars to where it gets to the same point as movies now adays, there’s nothing to be impressed because it’s all been done.
I respect originality most of all.

what? you mean this isn’t original? then sintel too isn’t impressive as its a clichéd idea thats “all been done”?

this is a top class design as well as modeling.
don’t compare it with other modeling of production vehicles. also, materials must be initial. its a WIP

Whoa! That is a neat design. I’m not too hot on cars, but when I see one that is awesome I know it! And I know that your design is impressive!

@cinder1: you should post this on for serious crits and comments and some exposure to high quality work there.

what? you mean this isn’t original? then sintel too isn’t impressive as its a clichéd idea thats “all been done”?
Please don’t get me wrong, this car has it’s own originality to it, the modelling quite clean, the materials need slight adjustment. But the idea of creating another “Ferrari, Lamborghini, or any other sports car” look alike has just seemed to wear out.

And I have actually been quite disappointed in the progress of Sintel, as opposed to something like Elephant’s dream, which although was a little crazy, still held it’s own as original (and well done).

This artist has skill, period, especially when it comes to modelling, but I’d really like to see some other renditions that stand out as “dude, what genius thought of that?” Artwork is meant to reach the heart, not the ‘rule-driven’ ‘cut and dry’ mind (Pixar’s Ratatouille -character of Ego).


That is one hell of a badass looking car! Great job!

love the body :slight_smile: gonna do some proprietary rims to match the look?

@Keith M
I respect your opinion and can understand how seeing more of the same thing can diminish the appeal of the concept. It’s an unfortunate byproduct of commercial art. Art is a very relative thing however; one image seen by two people may do nothing for the first and incite excitement and inspiration in the second. If you have any other ideas on how to improve the presence of my work I would gladly accept your input.

Also the materials are very WIP. Actually they’re not that far removed from the default settings; I’ll change it eventually.

@Eris Thank you. Look for me on smcars. I’ll be posting there shortly.

@zeffii Yep, going to make some customs when I figure what kind of style I want to go for.

@Lambo23, PorkFist, kbot Thanks!!

Update: Did a tire. Spent a lot of time yesterday doing the tire. Now I’m sick of the tire. At any rate, I think it turned out ok. Also some ortho views of the body.