Concert Hall interior needed

We need an interior model made in blender 2.6 with all lightning, materials and textures for Cycles.
Budget – 250 US Dollars.
It should be an interior of a concert (restaurant) hall with a bar, tables, rows for spectators and a stage equipped with floodlights, curtain and stairs.
There are no exact references, but the part of the hall should look like in the image below.

The bar and the stage should be done in the same style. The stage should be about 10 square meters. Tables and chairs should be ready for characters about 1.8 – 2 units tall.

We need also two lightning variants – usual (something like in the image) and almost no light (just stage lightning).
The model will be used in an animation project and it should be as low-poly as possible. The main and the most important part is the stage where characters will dance.
A brief information about our project is here :

If you are interested in this job, please send me a private message with some examples of your work.

Thank you.

pm sent, w8ing for responce

Is this what you’re looking for?
I realize this position might already be taken, but said: “why not?”

the attachment doesn’t work ;p

Here is my portfolio:
i think id be able to do this job for you, please pm me or email me if your interested:)

Sorry that my attachment did not upload, this is a view from one of the many tables. There is also a balcony with chairs.


Thanks for all artists! The job was done byMieszko Lacinski (@irokrhus) and we are quite happy with the results.

When a position has been filled, please mark your thread as Solved using the Thread Tools menu above the parent post.

I’ve gone ahead and done that for this post.

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