Concession Treats 2 'Christmas Nuts'

You can watch the video here:

Welcome to Concession Treats. It’s a Very Merry Christmas around the movie theater and Yellow (Yes, I haven’t given them names yet lol) doesn’t seem to be in the mood till three special candies show up

Just a short I whipped up of the holidays.

I want to Thank you All of letting me post my art here on this site, hope you guys enjoy it as much a I have making it.
Happy Holidays to you all :slight_smile:

YouTube has decided to flag the video. The Royalty Free music I got for the background (according to YouTube) was picked up by their auto check as belonging to someone. I’ve tried to file a claim, but in the meanwhile If you can’t see the video I apologize. They say it could take up to two months before they review it, and even then they might still red flag me. :frowning: