concrete wall building thing (commercial render)


Though not very fancy, I post that one because it was a real pain in the arse to model, and I spend a loooooot of time on it.
So you may wonder what is the use of that thing ? Basically it’s used to build concrete walls. Just put two of them back to back, then put your ciment between them. Easy, see ?
Those renders should be used to promote that thing for engineers

Now, for the 3d part, the challenge was to make the most accurate model possible, meaning everything has some volume (no planes), and everything is hand-beveled.
Believe me some shapes were a real nightmare to model with that in mind.
The good thing is I made big steps in modelling (I wasn’t really into technical modelling), and I found good hand-made bevelling techniques controlled by modifiers (wich I might post in some tutorial if of any interest).

And then, regarding the rendering, the goal was to get a technical-but-not-that-much render. You see, a bit eye-catching, but suitable for engineers.
That’s why there’s some edge-render, and no raytracing activated.
To add a bit of volume, the new AAO in latest svn builds saved my life, the renders are blazing fast.
Also I put and older render I made with indigo (I may have already posted that last one… I don’t remember).

Well, that’s all there is to say. Back to traditionnal renders !


Great work, very clean and simple!

i like it! :smiley: they look good man!

no crits! nice render settings

Great work.

I have had some need for bevelling - and will again - so those techniques will be welcome.


warm thanks for your comments !
@Anymation : I might post some tutorial this week-end if I find time about the bevelling thing. Nothing revolutionnary but it can be handy (I’ve never been satisfied with the built-in bevel, nor the script).

I wonder how did You make those outlines?

Never mind… me stupido… :rolleyes:

Very nice. I would like to see the hand beveling method you use. My favorite renders are always technical ones like that. I wonder where to get engineer’s drawings for something like that.

as everyone else said…very crisp and nice

Finally found time to make the bevel tutorial, here’s the direct link :

Pehaps the best tutorial i’ve ever seen, interms of proffesional look and smoothness. Although you didn’t explain A: how you did it so fast or B: How you could seemingly create a double edge loop with one click. BUt for people who do know the basics its excellent.

TheAnimal : Thanks for pointing this, I’ve updated the tutorial.
Also there’s no magic involved :
A : It’s recorded about 2x time faster
B : for 2 or more edgeloops, move the middle mousewheel after pressing CTRL+R

Yeah, thanks, i knew that, but other people might not have.

Hey Doc. Good to see the mean concrete machine again. Very curious about the tut. Checking it now.

EDIT: Just finished checking your (extremely elegant) tut. I find background elements can normally do with just edgeloops and “smooth” activated (i.e. no subsurf or smooth modifier). Such bevels are not really bevels, more like optical tricks (think bump as opposed to displacement), but they’re an option for those who worry about polycount.

Very nice results! Thanks for the tutorial. Is the tutorial link permanent? I would like to provide a link to it, but not if it’s a temporary resource.

Thanks again.

Link to tutorial is broken?
I got nohing on there… :frowning:

@kernond : Yes it’s a permanent link (I had a problem with my website, now it’s back). I’ve submitted it to the tutorial section here, but it didn’t make it :frowning:
@BbB : yes you’re right, I should make it more clear in wich situation use the modifier method or not (eg close-ups).

You don’t have to Doc. I think it’s clear enough as it is. I was just talking out loud.
I’ll be using your trick myself. Particularly the smooth modifier, which I haven’t really played with so far…

That model is excellent! The renders are terrific, just what the engineer ordered. I’d love to see a version after use, with splashed concrete all over!

5 stars from me.