Conference taping.

This year all sessions in the main room where taped.
I’ve got the speakers on camera mini dv and the beamer output on vhs.
The sound from the waag sound system was taped on the vhs to.

So now comes the hours and hours of transfering all the analog recordings to my computer (in 2005 this still goes in realtime, so it will take me 6 days to capture everything if I didn’t have a full time job to go to)

The sound should be better than last year, but not all speakers talk into the microphone which I can’t help, and the technic at the waag was not always on our side (breaking down, wrong settings, no local technician at all times).
And there was not always a microphone to record the audience.
For some interesting presentations I can put the q. as text on screen. But this means manual editing and will eat another big portion of my time.

On to the work.
Please post requests on which sessions to do first, so I can upload them as soon as possible.

All presentations where good, some very good and one or two not quite on par, (personal) suggestions and notes:
-Bassam did a presentation on the new armatures (inverse footlock)
-Matt shows how easy and wonderfull it is to use curves.
-Andy made a 3d picture from sketch to something that looks like an image in 1 hour.
-Francisco Ortiz had nice comments about computer art and ideas for (creating) tutorials.
-Marc and Serge Ume showed incredible blender SFX in feature film
-The renderman session has audio problems.
-Orange did not present the making of, they promissed to release that on their blog.

O, another thing, I want no comments on the audio/video quality, codec used and/or upload/download type. Anyone that disrespects the enormous amount of work it’s going to take/is taking to make this possible at all should buy a plain ticket for next years conference and do it him- or herself.

don’t worry about compaints.

all will be good, and we will all appreciate your work. And I am sure you will do it just fine. The major complaints are from those with linux about those who encode in windows media and such. I am sure you will do it fine.

Thank you very much for your efforts.



I would love to see the armature part by Bassam (I’m sure everyone will agree with me), and maybe the curves part by matt, If you have time.

Thank you for doing this! I thought I had completely missed the live stream…

Huge work you’re putting into this, and I think everyone will and have to thank you alot for this!

so, thank you joeri! hehe

well if it can help you decide which one to do first, here are my requests in orders of personnal preference
-Marc and Serge Ume showed incredible blender SFX in feature film
-Andy made a 3d picture from sketch to something that looks like an image in 1 hour.
-Bassam did a presentation on the new armatures (inverse footlock)
-Matt shows how easy and wonderfull it is to use curves.

but I guess all of those 4 are very cool so, any order will do hehe. Thanks alot for this!!

On a side note,
we also filmed the Montréal Conference and the video will be edited soon, I still don’t know what the quality of the audio is, but I think it will be ok. So if anyone is interested, stay tune I’ll be making a thread as soon as it’s done (don’t reply to this, I don’t want this to hi-jack joeri’s thread)

Looks like we’ll have a bunch of things to watch this year around :smiley:

Thanks a ton for taking the time to do this, I would be happy with any of the presentations.


Francisco Ortiz’ presentation is well worth it.

The belgium filmmakers’ presentation was excellent, as you said, good demonstration of the sequencer (even though I think it’s the longest, it seemed very short).

Of course, Bassam, Matt and Andy’s were great too (even with all the poles :P).

I was wondering how you were going to mix the VHS output of the beamer with the DV output of the presentation (visually I mean)?



Thanks a lot for this tremendous effort. I thought I’d never get to experience it (I live in the U.S.). It sounds like I missed a lot!

Just an idea, the Blender Foundation could make an official taping and release it on DVD. I’d buy it if it was reasonably priced.

I would also like to have the videos, as many others do, your work certainly will be appreciated.

As for the order of completion of the videos i totally agree with Ecks.

Thanks in advance for putting in the effort!

Well, I am the official taping and last year we sold 25 dvd’s. They where $10,= each. So,…

I think that depends on how visual the beamer is.
Andy, Bassam and Matt show alot of beamer activity so I think that will show them at the front and end of the video, with alot of beamer.
But others have 5 slides so I think will show them talking with sometimes a beamer slide.
But,… this takes alot of work and rewatching all the footage and editing hours of material. So I think I will not do this for all the presentations.
Even, for some, just the slides and the audio will/should give very downloadable files. Take the presentation from Theo de Ridder for example; very interesting, but a bunch of slides that compress well, with the audio will do just fine. Although it is fun to see him walk around so full of passion, so a little shot of that might be needed to show the mood.

For now, so far:

Official link:

Excellent work joeri, I’m really looking forward to it!

Hahaha man thats awsome TON is such an inspiration! Joeri I cant thank you enough for what your doing…well yeah I can I could pay you ^_- but I’m a bit low on it right now sorry.

jorei these are going to be really nice to have.

things learned from the ton keynote speach
#drinking beer does not start till 5:30 to avoid a drunk audiance
#angela is the BOSS
#wearing badges is not cool

haha, look forward to more. will the others be the main screen like the ton speach, or will we see both the screen and speaker?

great work, thanks!

will we see both the screen and speaker

Some yes, and probably all also in the beamer (1 frame per 5 second) mode because they make nice small files.
Some need a higher framerate, and some have no beamer at all (suzanne awards for example), so it’s going to be a mix-match. I’ll try to make that clear in the discriptions. Also filesize vs duration gives you a good hint on visual activity.

Joeri I cant thank you enough

well, thank you. Your kind words are apriciated and make it worth the effort.

Thank you so much for doing this.

As far as order, I would like to see Bassam’s presentation on the new armatures, and then Andy’s presentation.

Thanks again :smiley:

Thanks for the effort, Joeri…I know how much work this involves

Ton’s presentation was very insightful, and it’s nice to hear where he plans to take blender in the following year. It’s all very interesting stuff! The other presentation actually sent me to sleep while I was waiting for my mother to pick up our meal from the chip shop. Yeah, it was that boring. :wink:

It would be nice if you can put some of the ones that people really want on next, such as Broken’s or @ndy’s modeling sessions. Wybren van Keulen’s Architectural presentation was brilliant too.


Well I’m grabbing them in order they come out of my bag. Saves watching them before grabbing them. I’m converting them in order of what people want (and I’m not only asking here what people want).

Andy added today.
official conference video page:

i think the andy video is going to be extremely helpful to a lot of people, maybe could even be posted as a sticky on the top of the works in progress (along with the future video clips).

his voice is a little soft, but giving a speach for five minutes is extremely difficult, i couldnt imagaine doing it for an hour and 15 minutes! especially when he said he did not prepare, i thought, oh crap, i did that once and it was not pretty, haha. but it turned out decent, and very informative!

great stuff joeri, look forward to more, this is long over due, and will help lots of people. i hope they will be made as sticky post somewhere here on elysiun.

bassam and matt’s beamer grabs added.

couldnt play the animation video, wm could not find codec etc, but i could play the others fine…