Configuring Blender to work with SpacePilot Pro

Can somebody please tell me how to configure Blender 2.74 under Win 8.1 (64bit) to work with a 3dconnexion SpacePilot Pro 3D mouse?

I can either get the 3D mouse to orbit around the selected object (as desired) but then pan left/right and up/down stop working (not desired).
Or I can orbit the scene around my view point (not desired) and pan left/right and up/down work (as desired).
But never orbit around the selected object and pan left/right and up/down working.

I have googled and tried changing numeours User Preferences settings, in particular in the Input tab the NDOF Device Free/Orbit/Turntable/Trackball settings, and also the NDOF orbit/pan/move settings within 3D View | 3D View (Global) all without getting the functionality that I want.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide.

You are not doing anything wrong. The functionality you are seeing is unfortunately a Blender limitation at this time.
It is not possible to ‘free-fly’ around your scene and ‘rotate around selected object’ at the same time.