Configuring materials for Cycles AND Yafaray

So, I’d like to setup my materials so that I could render in Cycles OR Yafaray, and it seems like it will remember my materials for both renders when I switch between, except for the “Use Nodes” flag. Let me explain…

  1. I setup my material in cycles using nodes (of course):

  2. Switch to Yafaray - it kind of looks okay except all the properties about the material are missing!

  1. The only way I’ve found to get them back is switch to Blender Render (?!) and click the “Nodes” button. This button isn’t available in the other renderers.

  1. Yay! Material properties are back in Yafaray. But :mad:
    they are now missing from cycles (until I click Use Nodes, which loses them from Yafaray).

I’m sure I’m being really dense here, has anyone else had this problem - or what is the procedure for setting up the materials in both renders so you can render in either by just changing the drop-down at the top?

I’m tempted to write a script to go through all materials in the scene and toggle the node property, but I can’t be the first person to want to setup materials in two renderers?