confirm relationship between 3d window and render window


I’m trying to get my head around blenders use of textures and UV mapping as it relates to the 3d window and the render window. So I have a few questions:

  1. Is it true that unless you have used face select mode and uv mapped your object then you wont see the texture you have assigned to its material in the 3d window?

  2. Or, Is there a way (possibly using the map input settings in the material buttons) to put a simple box, sherical, or planar map on an entire object that will show up in the 3d window and render the same in the render window?

  3. Using the texture space hot key, TKEY; how do I get the modifications to its position and scale to show in real time in the 3d window?

Thanks in advance for your help, x

Ok, it took me reading a couple times through to understand what you were getting at, (just a lot of techinical stuff in there, not your fault). So I think this should answer your questions.

  1. Basically yes, that is correct. To see the true image texture on the model you must UV map it and assign the map to those faces in the UV window. If you go to shaded view (shift + Z, or look at the bottom of the 3d window) you see a VERY rough preview of your textures, but nothing near enough to check accurate mapping, just enough to get an idea of the colors.

  2. Nope, not that know of. At least not yet.

  3. Again, shift+Z will give you a very rough preview, but as far as I know you can’t get a true real time preview, but even for simple mapping, if it involves manipulation, I will just go to front view (or whatever view you want to map from) go to face mode, and with your mouse cursor still in the 3d window, hit ‘U’ and then click ‘from window’. You now have a very quick UV map that you can adjust to fit your image. No, not the simplest way, but very easy and flexible (because you can adjust your coordinates to fit your map perfectly.) Hope this helps.